Eclipse ImmersoJet
A nozzle-mix, tube-firing burner, the Eclipse ImmersoJet is engineerd to fire through small diameter immersion tubes at high velocities to heat dip tanks and other immersion systesm. The inner surfaces of the immersion tube are scoured by the combustion gases resulting in the highest heat transfer rate of any available immersion burner. Used on applications such as parts washing, dip tanks and pickling tanks used to remove impurities, stains and inorganic contaminants.


  1. The ImmersoJet's ability to fire in smaller diameter tubes allows efficiency gains by using a longer tube than a conventional tube burner in the same amount of space, or a smaller tank can be used with the Eclipse ImmersoJet.
  2. The blower, burner and control system are one unit. This packaged design helps lower install time and equipment cost.
  3. Bring up times are reduced due to the higher heat release.
  4. Available in five heat input sizes from 190k to 8 million BTU / Hr.

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