Selas Superflame Burner
The Selas Superflame burner is a nozzle mixing gas burner used in high temperature burner applications above 1200° F. The outer Silicon Carbide tube and inner Stainless-steel tube product 2 stage combustion which promotes low NOX emission levels from this burner.

Applications include: Incinerators, Aluminum Melter, and Heat Treat and forging furnaces.


  1. Sizes from 150,000 to 2,000,000 Btu/Hr. to fit a wide range of high temperature heating applications.
  2. High excess air capabilities: To promote temperature uniformity with in a given furnace space.
  3. Choice of Medium or high velocity firing tube. To insure custom fit in each application.
  4. Flexible burner firing methods: fixed air with gas control only or on ratio air-fuel to fit the customer’s application.
  5. The Superflame can run on your choice of fuels: Natural gas, Propane or Butane to fit customer’s needs.

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