Karl Dungs DMV Z Double Solenoid Shut Off Valve
The Karl Dungs series DMV Z double solenoid shut off valve incorporates two automatic open valves in one compact housing. The DMV Z is a normally closed valve and is electrically opened .Each solenoid coil can be wired independently or in parallel. The second coil has two independent stages and is adjustable for high / low firing. DMV Z series can be used on both industrial and commercial burners to act as a double safety shut off valve.


  1. UL Recognized , FM approved, and CSA certified
  2. Suitable for natural gas , propane, butane and inert gases
  3. The valve has the capability of adding a direct mounted gas pressure regulator, gas pressure switches, a vent line adaptor & valve proving system in a modular fashion. This gives the DMV Z the ability of having a whole gas pipe train in a compact space.
  4. Versions come with an adjustable limiting orifice feature and adjustable opening time.
  5. The two stage second coil can take the place of a control valve, and or an actuator for high / low firing.

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