Industrial Furnace Retrofit
If you are in charge of an industrial process heating system such as a boiler, smelter, annealing furnace or powder coat oven, sooner or later you'll have to consider upgrading or replacing your industrial burners.

Is a process furnace retrofit in your future? If your burner was installed many years ago, you may be missing out on opportunities to save on fuel costs and may even have an opportunity to improve the quality of your product.

Burner technology continues to improve and with products such as the Eclipse Bayonet Recuperator and Eclipse Bayonet-Ultra Recuperator, what was previously lost as waste heat can be recycled back into the combustion air, greatly reducing fuel costs. Paired with an Eclipse Tube Firing Burner (TFB), you may also find your firing temperature closer to your product temperature, and gain consistency and control over the precise temperature of your furnace.

Up to date safety devices protect your product, your plant and, most importantly, your people, from furnace related disasters. The Flame Safeguard Relay, Protection Controls PC II UV scanner, Siemens QRA 4 U V Scanner and other flame safeguard controls ensure your system is as safe as possible.

If you're looking for a brand new industrial process heating system, or you're looking to retrofit an existing system, contact Thermal Equipment Systems, Inc. for the right products to fit your specifications and applications.

Thermal Equipment Systems can also help you with replacement burner parts such as flame rods, spark igniters, spark transformers, blast tips, adjustable orifice valves, butterfly valves, regulators, blowers and just about any other furnace part you might need.

Contact us today for help selecting to right industrial burner for your project.

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