Eclipse Tube Firing Burner (TFB)
Eclipse Tube Fired Burners are engineered to heat radiant tubes and immersion tubes at heat levels from 300,000 Btu/hr all the way up to 2 Million Btu/hr. The unique design of the Eclips TFB creates a a vigorous spinning action yielding an adjustable length flame of high intensity heat. This long spiral flame provides cleaner combustion, transfers heat efficiently and allows more accurate and and uniform tube temperatures. Applications include indirect fired furnaces for heat treating, tube fired parts washing equipment and salt baths.


  1. Excellent temperature uniformity in the tube achieved by the burner's continual scrubbing of any thermal boundary layer.
  2. Multiple firing methods, the Tube Fired Burner can be fired on- off, high –low or full proportional on ratio.
  3. Easy start up, thanks to the burner's included air and gas orifice plates.
  4. Flexible Fuel capability: Changing just the gas orifice allows that system to operate on CNG, propane or butane.
  5. Reduced wear and increased life of the firing tube due to the superior uniformity of heat releaase.
  6. Less equipment to purchase and maintain. The TFB can be direct spark ignited without the pilot pipe train

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