Access Combustion Model R Burner
The Model R is a packaged nozzle mixing gas burner with an included combustion air blower. Applications include: ovens, air heaters, dryers, incinerators and any other application that is need of large amounts of heated air.


  1. Sizes from 500,000 to 14,000,000 Btu/Hr. to fit a wide range of burner applications.
  2. 40 :1 burner turndown range, for faster process bring up time to temperature without temperature creep at set point.
  3. Packaged burner design: With no need to purchase a separate combustion air blower and install it.
  4. The Model R can be configured with linked air and gas control valves for one point control. Or, separate air and gas control valves for separate air – fuel mapping.
  5. The model R can be configured for either a stainless steel discharge sleeve or refractory block to fit into customer applications.

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