Algas SDI VH Burners
Algas SDI VH Burners
Phoenix VH Velocity Heat
High flame velocity improves circulation within the heated envirionment, promoting temperature uniformity. Algas SDI VH Burners offer the highest flame velocities available. This is important for applications such as brick kilns and heat treatment furnaces.

The Algas SDI VH Burner's integrated gas and air orifices allow simpler burner piping, easier set-up and adjustment. Air and gas inlets can be independently adjusted in 90° increments to work with a variety of piping options. Installation, operation & maintenance are simple & cost effective.

Applications are: incinerators, forge and heat treat furnaces.


  1. Application flexible, HV burner is offered with medium or high velocity options. Also, choice of refractory block & alloy combustion tube.
  2. Multi fuel capability. Can burn natural gas or propane without a nozzle change, requiring only a gas orifice plate change
  3. Easy burner start & set up. with included air and gas orifices.
  4. Multi firing modes: high low pulse, fuel only control or on ratio control.
  5. 5sizes: 500,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/Hr.
  6. High burner turndown range for quick temperature bring up without overshoot.
  7. There is less equipment to purchase because the HV burner can be direct spark ignited with no pilot pipe train.

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