Eclipse RatioMatic Burners
Eclipse RatioMatic Burners Are Simple and Safe to Operate. It is a low emission burner and the most reliable air-heating burner available. The design of the Eclipse RatioMatic burner removes the guesswork from start-up and adjustment. It features a ratio regulator which auto-compensates for operating condition changes without changing the gas adjustment and a direct drive butterfly which eliminates the need for linkage, and therefor removes a point of failure where the linkage might slip or jam.

RatioMatic burners are well suited to dryers, ovens and other low temperature applications.


  1. Turndown ranges as high as 90:1, allowing quicker bring up time for ovens without temperature overshoot.
  2. Forward gas nozzle design, putting heat into the oven & eliminating oven wall burn out.
  3. Cross connected ratio regulator control to eliminate rich combustion from dirty combustion air filters or other combustion chamber conditions.
  4. Easy start up for quicker installation & commissioning.
  5. Sizes from 500,000 BTU/Hr to 30,000,000 BTU/Hr.

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