Eclipse Vortometric Burners
Eclipse Vortometric Burners Deliver Rugged Dependability, High Outputs, and Low Emissions. These, high-capacity, multi-fuel burners can be used with almost any industrial gas - including propane, butane, mixed, and manufactured gases. Applications include, Dryers, Rotary kilns and Petro–Chem heaters


  1. Multi fuel capability. The Vortometric can fire gases (natural, propane and butane) as well as light and heavy oil.
  2. Burner can come in either in an alloy tube or refractory block for application flexibility.
  3. High turndown capabilities for quick process bring up without over shoot.
  4. Available in packaged configurations complete with combustion air blower, fuel pipe trains and controls.
  5. Sizes range from 6,000,000 Btu/hr. to up to 210,000,000 Btu/Hr

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